Meet the Owners of the Best RV Dealership in San Antonio

Meet the Owners of Fun Motors - Texas RV Dealers

Fun Motors is one of the top used RV and New Toy Hauler dealers in Texas and we're family-owned and operated. Founder and CEOs, Clint and Kelly Pattie, met each other in 1975 when they were in the first grade in their hometown of San Antonio. They both graduated from UTSA in 1992. Kelly received a BBA in Business Management. Clint received a BBA in Economics.

To pay his way through college, Clint started Grasshopper lawn maintenance company in 1989. After graduating from college Clint continued growing Grasshopper and purchased a property to keep his trucks, trailers and equipment. Soon people began asking if they could store their boats and RVs' on this new property... and this was the beginning of Pack Rat's Storage in 1996. In 1998, Clint and Kelly married. They now have two wonderful daughters and the family lives at the original Pack Rat's Storage location where they can continue their efforts to make it the best storage facility available.

As owners of a boat and RV storage facility it was not long at all before customers began asking Clint to help them sell their RV or to buy their RV. People also began asking Clint to find them another RV. It was not long before he met very key individuals in the RV sales world. These individuals helped teach Clint where and what RV's to buy that could be sold at reasonable prices.

Over time, it became difficult for the Patties to keep up with Pack Rat's Storage, Grasshopper and the buying and selling of RV's. They decided to sell Grasshopper and invest that money into their San Antonio RV dealership and focus on growing it.